Wednesday, November 25, 2015

3 easy steps to connect to You!

That moment we remember "I"

That moment we remember that we exist for more than making other people happy.

Have you spent too much time running after glimmering vaporous dreams or sleepwalking through relationships/jobs?  Have you spent an entire day at work/home pleasing, making things that are in disarray work?  Have you sacrificed an hour at the gym this week- every week- for kids, partner, friends?

Welcome to being a woman.

Female energy: pleasing, discussing, working things out.  We are the weavers, the goddesses, the nurturers.

At a certain point all of that has to stop.  It has to stop so you can take care of the "I".  At a certain point You have to be present to the "I".

By being present, we roll out a giant external eyeball and look at exactly what we are doing in this tapestry of living.  What are my actions?  What are my thoughts?  What do I need?

When in the presence of "I", we notice and become interested.  We become interested in our feelings, we become interested in someone other than the others.  Then, we question who we are in this moment of reality.  Who am I now?  I'm someone different than who I was in my teens or twenties.  How wonderful!  How frightening.

How do I get to know this new self?  How do I step into my new reality of womanhood?

Here are three very simple things to do, you don't have to do them all at once:
1.  Sit still.  Close your eyes.  Count to 20 and back, for seven minutes.  Set your phone alarm.
2.  Soak your feet.  In a tub of warm water and marbles or river stones.  For seven minutes.  Set your phone alarm.
3.  Drink a glass of water.  Add a slice of lemon.  Drink slowly, feel the liquid travel down your throat making your skin dewey with moisture.

Then, ask yourself three questions:
How do I feel?
What do I feel?
What do I need?

Keep a journal of these observations- buy yourself a nice one- observe as the "I" emerges and changes.  Another good reminder of this opportunity for connection to "I" comes to us physically every month, maybe that is your reminder to do one of the three simple steps above.

What do you do to connect to "I"?  I would love to know, email me at

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Power of reality

My mom said: Spend your twenties getting ready for your fifties.

Even with that advance notice, I don't think anything prepares women for what happens to your body at midlife.  The inner tube around the waist-  it snuck up on me starting around 42.  Little by little pants and skirts wouldn't close, there was this weird bowling ball around my belly.


I haven't had kids.  I've always worked out.  I do yoga.  I live in a 1792 Hip Roof Colonial in the middle of 2000 acres of conservation land in New Hampshire where everything is "uphill".

Why this inner tube?

Then, my period changed.  What was a skip thru the monthly park of lunar flow became this epic roaring of a red river that sent me running to the bathroom every 45 minutes.  Before the flood gates, there were migraines and cramps that only popping 5 Ibuprofen would mollify.  Then in a dramatic cadence, pins and needles that electrocuted my fingers to the bone.

Why this middle aged torture?

I went to my MD.  Back on the birth control pill!  she said.  I tried.  I felt absolutely awful.  And nothing changed.  And those pills made my brain buzz.

This was seven years ago.  Today, I have figured out what works for me. I'm feeling and looking better than I have in my entire life.   To get here, I had to study, read, go to seminars with women like Susun Weed.  I had to find other crones like Susun who walked thru woods picking leaves, roots, flowers making me these tinctures that didn't taste so good.  But they worked.

Loving your inner crone or stepping beyond your late twenties is indeed a task.  There are many ways to achieve balance and clarity in health.  I say this and emphasize that I know the value of allopathic care.  I also know that a woman's health is part of a matrix, a web.  Don't get caught thrashing around in the web- be aware of it's approach.  Become one with the power of weaving your reality as it is in this moment.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Do the least to the best

In my childhood home on Tamarind Circle in Orlando- food and music were King.  My dad Louis is a French Chef from Bretagne and my mother Magdalena is a fantastic cook making dishes from her birth country, Ecuador.  I "helped" my French grandmother Marguerite make tarte aux fraises and brioche for her shop, and as a teen I waited on tables at my parents restaurant Le Coq au Vin in Orlando.  Now living in New Hampshire, I create combinations of food that are from our surrounding farms and seasonally appropriate for private clients and my family.

Jazz great Duke Ellington and I have something besides music in common.  Our dads came home from work with filet mignon, lobster, truffles, creme brulee, Mousse au chocolat- the best.

In my parents living room, my various bands jammed.  The PA system came from a wine salesman- our first drummer Frank used giant pickle buckets as a drumset.  My brother Jean-Paul played guitar and I sang lead vocals.  Our tunes were Hendrix, Led Zepplin, Heart, Pat Benatar, Queen, The Police- the best.

This very creative life in food and music has given me a certain sensibility: Do the least to the best.

So with food: when I go to the grocery store, I look, smell and feel.  When I plan my grocery list, what's in the farms that surround my country home?  When I plate food- what is the portion size?

I don't go to one grocery store- I visit different stores and farm shops.

I buy what's freshest and I buy for that day's meal.

With music: I pick a type/genre of music, then I Google who the players are on the tune.  When I listen, I notice the melody (singers tend to do that). Then I listen to the arrangement- how is the melody supported/enhanced with the instrumentation?  What is the production like?

I buy a whole album- I love the idea of a whole trip of sound around an idea.

I don't play music in my yoga classes- we should be listening to ourselves.

Here comes the philosophy:
Our health is directly connected to the practice of pausing and paying attention.  One of the reasons we pause and pay attention is to fine tune our senses.  Existing to our fullest potential from moment to moment has to do with quality of attention.  Going forward let's be one of those kids in school who was told: Stop running around!  Pay Attention!

In this blog post, we're talking about quality of taste and listening: doing the least to the best.  If you choose the best, then the best will ensue.  Pay Attention!  Pause- look, smell, feel, listen.  Wake up to where you are.  Mindfully connect to a perfect vibration of balanced and luminouse health.